Hotels may be happy to do their own social media management. But sometimes they just do not have good or enough content. Spend some time with me, and you won’t have to worry about content for a while. Let me tell you why. 


For your socials, I think it is a lot nicer when the pictures are more personal. Not too professional. Obviously, professional pictures are good for many things and aspects of marketing. But often they don’t really trigger any emotions. You want people to see your pictures on social media and feel emotional in a sense. In the sense that they want to be there so badly at that moment. By having pictures like this, they look more real. Basically, it makes it look like user-generated content. My pictures are taken with a iPhone 11 Pro Max.


That’s why I now offer content shooting for your socials. We can spend half the day shooting pictures for your social media channels. This can be from your hotel, your interior, your food, your wellness area - whichever parts are most important for your hotel. You can decide. As I am based in Lech, I can also provide you with content of the area. I can provide skiing pictures, hiking pictures, landscape pictures etc. This is great, as this is exactly the type of content that your guests would like to see.


As Instagram stories are very important as well, I can provide you with some short videos for your stories or Reels. These can be short videos of Lech, videos of your food, your wellness area  - or a quick room tour for example.

Why you should be posting content like this on your socials?


  • The posts that are more “real” get more engagement, in my experience. 

  • This type of content is more relatable for your audience. This will help build relationships.

Option 1: 

  • 40 usable pictures for your socials

  • 5 short videos for your Instagram stories

  • Price: €389,00 excl.


Option 2: 

  • 90 usable pictures for your socials 

  • 10 short videos for your Instagram stories 

  • €719,00 excl.


Feel free to get in touch for a personalised offer. Prices can also vary, depending on whether you would like them edited, or not. This can be booked as a separate service, but also in combination with social media management.