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1-1 Social Media Training

The 1-1 social media training is great for you if you would like to learn more about social media marketing and improve your own account. This training is spread out over four weeks. It's more intense than an online course, but that also results in greater results. After our four week training, we will have an evaluation session one month later to see how everything is going.

Do you want to build more brand awareness through Instagram? Do you want to generate more bookings and tell your story?

Quick details

  • 1 on 1 training

  • 4 weeks

  • 1 zoom call per week of 1,5 hours (or in person if you’re based around the Arlberg region)

  • Unlimited WhatsApp contact for your social media questions

  • You can ask me for feedback on your posts, reels etc. before you publish them

  • Evaluation session one month after finishing, to see if everything is still going well.

  • This focuses on organic social media marketing (not paid advertising)


Details about the 1-1 training

Depending on your social media knowledge and how your account is doing now, we can decide which areas to focus on. We will analyse your content and discuss the areas that you struggle with.


I will show you which tools are great to use, help you set them up and show you how to use them. 


After we start, you can contact me whenever you like with any specific social media questions you might have. I usually respond very fast, but this could also take 1 or 2 days. (It probably won’t, but just in case.)


The content that you would like feedback on can be sent to me via email or whatsapp. You could send me the text that you are planning to use for a caption, the hashtags that you are planning to use, the picture etc. I will have a look at it all and give you my feedback.


We will also dive into your insights to see what type of content works well, and we will work on recreating this type of content. We will look at this together, so that you can also learn what type of insights are relevant for you to look at.


It’s spread out over four weeks so that we can also monitor the improvement and changes. This way you can see how your implementations are working.


After we had our last session, we will have another one a month later to evaluate. This is important to see if things are still on the right track. Is there something new that you are struggling with?


This is more of a hands on approach rather than an online course. It is more intense, but that way the results will also be better.



  • 6 hours of 1 on 1 training (Zoom or in real life, or combination)

  • Unlimited Whatsapp contact throughout the 4 weeks

  • Feedback on your content before publishing

  • Evaluation session one month after our last training


  • You will receive an invoice after our first session

  • Price upon request

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